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Getting Here By Plane

Geneva International Airport is the closest airport with direct flights from all over the world.

For flight schedules visit:

A few commercial flights fly into Sion airport. Private jets can also fly to Sion. For information, please visit:


If you are traveling from either the Geneva or Sion airports to Verbier, you can either take the train or make use of a bus shuttle service that is operated by You can even book a private transfer through this company.

Alternatively, if you’d like to hire a car from Geneva Airport, visit:

Getting Here By Train

Trains run frequently from Geneva and Lausanne to Le Chable (the village at the bottom of the Verbier mountain). Take the Simplon line to Martigny. When you reach Martigny, change trains and take the St Bernard Express train to Le Chable. At Le Chable you can either take the gondola up to the Médran lift in Verbier, or you can take the Car Postal bus which runs up the mountain to the central bus station in Verbier.

Train times and connections can be found on the website

The train from Geneva to Le Chable takes around 2 hours.

Taxi Services

Taxis can pick you up from the train station at Le Chable and from anywhere within the Verbier area. Below are a few Verbier taxi phone numbers. Remember to use the code +41 Swiss international phone code.

ABC+41(0)79 332 4545
Mountain Taxi+41(0)79 440 7270
May Taxi+41(0)27 771 7771
Taxi Michaud+41(0)79 523 9192

Getting Here By Car

From Geneva and others points in Switzerland, take the A9/E62 highway to Martigny, then follow signs toward Grand Saint Bernard/Verbier. At Sembrancher, follow the sign to make a left turn toward Verbier and Val de Bagnes. Follow into the village of Le Chable to a round about, and go 3/4 way around to follow signs toward Verbier and up the mountain road.

If you want to check the road conditions before you drive, you can do this on

For more exact directions for your journey and toll prices, look at

Moving Around Locally

Chalet Ker Praet is only a 5-minute walk from the Place Centrale in the village of Verbier, and a 2-minute walk from the bus stop at Brunet. The Chalet is also only a 2-minute walk from the base of the Le Rouge ski trail.

Local Bus

Verbier has a very effective and free local bus service.

During the peak winter season, there are four bus lines. From 8 am to 7:20 p.m., all are accessible from the bus stop at Brunet, a 2-minute walk from Chalet Ker Praet. A more limited bus service is also available during the summer season.